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In some ways, the new species resembles Triceratops a skeleton is pictured , except that its nose horn is taller and the two horns over its eyes are 'almost comically small,' Dr Brown said. Taken together, he said R. And the researchers hope to uncover more R. They also plan to reconstruct the skull digitally, as although intact, the fossil has been deformed after 70 million years in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Hellboy, or Regaliceratops peterhewsi bears some resemblence to Triceratops - in its body shape and in that it has three horns and a substantial frill.

But its nose horn is taller than Triceratops' and the two horns over its eyes are 'almost comically small,' Dr Brown said. The new dinosaur's most distinctive feature is the frill, including what Dr Brown describes as a halo of large, pentagonal plates radiating outward, as well as a central spike. Horned dinosaurs are divided into two groups - the Chasmosaurines, such as Triceratops which have a small horn over the nose and larger horns over the eyes, as well as a long frill — and the Centrosaurines, which are characterised by a large horn over the nose, small horns over the eyes, and a short frill.

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The new species is a Chasmosaurine but its facial features are more similar to Centrosaurines. The features are important to experts because R. Fury as 'outnumbered' police simply look on as Extinction Rebellion protesters shut down London for a second time - despite publishing a full list of targets and Boris Johnson ordering officers to use 'full force of the law'. Share this article Share. The new species is a Chasmosaurine but its facial features are more similar to Centrosaurines The features are important to experts because R.

Share or comment on this article: 'Hellboy', the long-lost relative of Triceratops with 'comically small' horns e-mail More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Download our iPhone app Download our Android app. Today's headlines Most Read Huge Bronze Age metropolis that was home to 6, people is unearthed in Israel complete with a temple, Seabirds always know where they are and how to get 'home' thanks to innate navigation ability - but can't Next Xbox could support virtual reality as Microsoft patent reveals technology for VR floor mat that pairs California bill makes it illegal to create deepfake porn of someone without their consent, with penalty of Instagram is testing a feature that lets users share stories in a group after Facebook dropped it due to Fall is coming!

Interactive map predicts peak foliage dates across the US to help travelers plan for the Take the bull by the Scientists breed hornless animals via a pain-free genetic modification to stop How water could be made on the moon: Scientists discover H2O is created in space when solar winds blast Apple's new iPad is blazingly fast, gorgeous to look at, and quite simply the best tablet out there - and for a lot of people, probably the best computer out there. The small smart display with big potential: Google Home Hub review.

Google is late to the game with its Home Hub, but the low price and AI features make it a great choice for controlling your home, showing pictures and even helping run your life. On one hand, the XR lacks the high-resolution screen and dual-lens camera on the XS. Surrounded by people who treat her and her babies like family, the three of them are thriving. Though occasionally haunted by nightmares from her violent past, she struggles to put it behind her. With a loving surrogate family, good friends, and a new career, all she lacks is a man in her life.

Tanner Collins is running from his own sordid past.

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The man has left a trail of women from one end of Louisiana to the other, and through half the state of Texas. Even when this bad boy tries to be good, he has women throwing themselves at him at all hours of the day and night. One year is nothing compared to forever.

Haley Broussard, a pretty little auburn haired beauty from southeast Texas, is full of sauce and determination.

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When a USMC Corporal rescues Haley from a drunken partner in a local club, she experiences a change in attitude, as well as heart. Louisiana man, Ben Bonin has never taken his relationship with women seriously. It was bad enough having his family and friends worrying about him during his first deployment to Afghanistan.

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One sight of Haley has him thinking otherwise. After a whirlwind two week romance, we find the couple facing the heartbreak of his departure. Can Ben survive seven months of dangerous missions to come home to her? And if he does, will she be there waiting for him? Meet Angelique Baptiste—happy with her career, her friends, and her man—sans the sex life, thanks to her shrink. Michael Harper is a man of integrity, as well as a detective for the Lafayette Police Department. As trying as it is to be around her, he knows the reward for his perseverance will be a lifetime with the woman he loves.

Or will it? Within minutes of swaggering back into her life, he proves his reason for leaving was justified. Torn between two men she loves equally, Angelique agonizes over the choice she knows she must make. Synopsis : " Cajunflair Publishing prints pages paper with the official book number The question is, will she ever be able to trust another man with her and her twin daughters' hearts? When his admiration for Sarah turn into something stronger, he keeps his feelings in check, knowing he'll never be near the kind of man she deserves. When Tanner rushes to Houston to be with his parents during his father's illness, he's forced to deal with hidden resentments toward his upper crust parents.

At some point he accepts the fact that situations aren't always as obvious as they seem on the surface. Note from the author: The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you'll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Her girls want a daddy—she wants her old life back—all he wants is the three of them.

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When Jackson Broussard loses his wife in the same accident, he finds himself free of the woman whose lies and manipulations have made his marriage and life a living hell. Can the two former co-workers forget their differences in order to construct a new future together? Or will they be left with nothing more than a last first kiss and two broken hearts?

Two men want her. One of them wants her dead. Carrie Jeansonne is juggling a new career in road design, three teenagers at home, and a disgruntled ex-husband. She longs for stability—what she gets is anything but.

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Sam Langley is still smarting from his own divorce and grouchy as hell because of it. After an initial clash with his new co-worker, their icy disregard for each other evolves into friendship.

Eventually, the surveyor realizes he wants to be somebody she turns to for all her needs. Her teens are a threat to one.

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  6. A sadist is a threat to the other. Carrie Jeansonne is a single mother with a brand new career.