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Two thousand years have passed and that fateful day has vanished from the pages of history. Most have forgotten, but for generations, an evil few have followed the Path and kept the lore alive.

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Keeping to the shadows, they plot to fulfill an ancient prophecy and resurrect their master to once again plunge the world into darkness. Dark Times. Murray The battle for Teldor is over but at what cost? A hero has fallen and a foul deception is revealed. Those following the true Path are on the brink of completing the ancient prophecy that will mean the return of the Dark One, plunging the mortal realm into Dark Times.

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But they need Death to do what he does best. Will he knowingly complete the spell? To whom does he truly pledge allegiance? Who is Death? Death Rises The Chronicles of Death. Following the pages of Dark Times, the inevitable battle between good and evil beckons. Will help arrive before the Dark One unleashes the Dread? Will the three nations unite and fight as one? Who will lead them?

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There is only one certainty. He will rise and it will finally be revealed. Raven book 1: Birth into Darkness. In the meantime, her family is about to celebrate her birthday before his call to duty begins when a knock at the door changes everything.

Allegiances: A Raven Walker novella. Raven is protecting the Deland family while she seeks to destroy the one who cursed her. Vampires move into New Orleans and their masters seek allegiances, creating new problems for Raven and her friends. This is the next chapter in Raven's story after her Birth into Darkness, with more extreme powers and more lethal than the mighty machaira where she finds herself in the midst of Southern Louisiana, during the 's battling more than just the undead.

Dark Intentions.

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Seven years later, the Human-Undead War rages on. Brian Koltz, the lead scientist, and negotiator for the Undead Relations Committee, believes he holds the solution to peaceful cohabitation. The Human-Undead War appears to be over. However, Barnaby is alive and well. Kingdoms Fall.

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  5. After staking his claim as the rightful Undead patriarch and returning to the United States, Barnaby has sent his followers on missions to eradicate humankind once and for all. Intenze is the newest designer drug. Take it, and nightmares come alive. The Beast Within. Book 1 - Pylira has spent one-hundred years under a dark curse, in an attempt to rid the world of the self-proclaimed Buio King. In doing so, the people of Pylira put the kingdom's daughter at the mercy of the curse. Now Tyson Cole needs to find the princess, and a way to bring her back to the real world and to him.

    Maga's a Beast. Renee is still battling with her emotions for Ty when they reach Hearthstone Palace. She is met by her father—who has a much clearer picture of things—Falling into his arms she lets all the anger she was harboring release. An unlikely source has more clues for her regarding the curse, but those clues, like all the rest, come with a price.

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    Immortal Slumber. Perrine The Crawford Witch Chronicles, 1 "You are about to enter into a family beyond the one you were born to. A bonding of blood, melding into that which exists where birth and death, dark and light, joy and pain - meet and make one. Do you enter without fear in your heart, nor dread?

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    Power Surge. The Crawford Witch Chronicles, 2 Death. Death cannot claim me, for I am the daughter they were told about. The one who would right all the wrongs. Collision of Fate. Elyse must travel to the home of Seraphina Crawford to align her powers and find the missing ingredient to help her against Sabina. When Elyse arrives at the property used by Seraphina in the late s, it looks as if it has been abandoned for a century Elyse and her coven are united with another House, The Raven's Watch, which proves to be almost too much for her to bear.

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    Mysterium Excelsum by Ellie Piersol. Mysterium Excelsum 1 Stella's life is upset when she moves to Nebraska to live with her mom after her dad's death. She realizes, at Mysterium Excelsum, everyone has a certain magic to them. Students go missing in the school and she must find out why In Obscura Silvae by Ellie Piersol.

    Without help, access, or supplies they must survive with their imperfect magic. Mysterium Excelsum Duobus. Mysterium Excelsum Duobus is the third in the series, Mysterium Excelsum from Ellie Piersol Stella's second year at Mysterium starts with conflict brewing between the gang and students belonging to a crazy religious cult. Hell literally breaks loose when a prank war rages both inside and beyond the walls of the school. The Road to Jericho. That's a lesson Finn McCallan will soon learn.

    While saving the life of a critically injured woman, Finn gains the attention of a powerful demon. Amused by Finn's selfless heroics, the fiend tricks him into a contest, one designed to help Finn "find" his soul. What Finn doesn't know is this contest will push him beyond the darkest regions of our mortal world. El Sendero. All that was left in its wake were hallowed husks of the brick and concrete buildings that comprised the once thriving Mexican village. The federale enlists the aide of Finn McCallan, a man who possesses the ability to see beyond.

    Finn McCallan is the Scion of Dismas, the last descendant of the only mortal to accompany Christ on his journey through Hell. His mission: Stop the antichrist from rising and claiming dominion over the world.

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    5. At the Valley of Hinnom, buried within its ancient caves lies the portal to perdition, where Finn is forced to put his faith in the unexpected guidance of an old nemesis. In , the United States was attacked by beings called Eban from another world. President Eisenhower was coerced into signing a treaty after we lost over pilots in this initial strike. One is commonly called Area 51, and the other is somewhere in New Mexico. In the years to follow, animal mutilations, abductions along with UFO The Head Hunter.

      Year The Government of Defense becomes the new world order while Caesar lives a life of seclusion, everything he has ever known gone in the wake of the creatures brought to life by the Syc Parasite brought to Earth by the meteorites. All while the world as we know it crumbles Follow the Ashes by Kindra Sowder. The Executioner Trilogy 1 What does it mean to be the Executioner? Is it the struggle between good and evil, and the fulfillment of a Gypsy legend?

      That is until she meets Gordon, a crazed demon with a conscience.