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As all soldiers had thorough health records taken before they were shipped off to war — records that included age, height, illness history and dental records — researchers were able to discover the names of soldiers, and develop a database of bone and skull statistics.

Bones offer amazing clues to the trained eye. A trained forensic anthropologist, using techniques favored by archeologists, can identify gender, ethnicity, age, illness, pregnancies and even possible careers. Craniosacral measurements skull measurements have been established for all ages and race groups, which allow forensic anthropologists to establish a better picture of the deceased. The skull features unique racial identifiers such as the length of jaw and the distance between eye sockets.

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The bones also hold clues to what work the person did. Bony ridges form where the muscles attach and have pulled over the years. A forensic anthropologist might find a bony ridge on the wrist and decide the decedent may have been someone who used their hands for a living, such as a chef or seamstress.

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Forensic Anthropology Purpose To use a multi-disciplinary approach to uncover the secrets hidden in bones. Hardcover ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. Published Date: 24th January Page Count: View all volumes in this series: Advanced Forensic Science Series. For regional delivery times, please check When will I receive my book?

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Department of Forensic Medicine

Unidentified Cadavers Part II. Provides the basic principles of forensic science and an overview of forensic anthropology Contains sections on taphonomy, recovery, analysis, pathology, and identification Covers statistical interpretation of evidence using the classical-frequentist approach and Bayesian analysis, measurement uncertainty, and standard methods Includes a section on professional issues, such as: from crime scene to court, expert witness testimony, and health and safety Incorporates effective pedagogy, key terms, review questions, discussion questions, and additional reading suggestions.

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