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Living a life of pleasure and zero commitments, millionaire Texas playboy Jack Travis confronts responsibility for the first time in his life when an enraged aunt and the abandoned infant of one of Jack's former lovers appears on his doorstep. The year-old ex-wife of notorious vampire Roberto Donatelli, Gwenna Carrick unexpectedly spends a passionate night in the arms of rugged detective Nate Thomas, but when Donatelli discovers the tryst, he is determined to eliminate his romantic competition.

This second installment in the USA Today best-selling author's Lakeshore Chronicles presents a heart-warming tale of secrets and sacrifice, loss and redemption, and a love like no other. When he discovers that he has a teenage son, shipping magnate and confirmed bachelor Ben Sinclair is determined to make things right, but his son's aunt, Emma Sands, does not trust him and he must prove to her, with his son's help, that he is ready to be a father. In desperate need of money, Lord Richard Harcourt kidnaps heiress Bethany Dallison and forces her into marriage, but he soon discovers that under his bethrothed's prim exterior lies a beautiful seductress who tempts him like no other.

Suspected of poisoning her husband, Ciara decides that she has no choice but to accept an earl's proposal of a temporary alliance, thus beginning a seductive dance of sinful pleasures and hidden desires as the two of them waltz through the mansions of Mayfair. When she is invited to a party at the home of Gavin Lioncroft, a man rumoured to have murdered his parents, Evangeline Pemberton is powerfully drawn to this mysterious man until a guest is murdered, forcing her to question his true nature. The last person to want to run a matchmaking service, Lucy Valentine, filling in for her parents when they temporarily step down from Valentine, Inc.

Mallery serves up a steamy romance between a Seattle chef and her former husband, who offers her the chance to make a name for herself if she helps him get his flagship restaurant back on track. Times have changed, but the passion between them still sizzles. While vacationing in Greece, FBI psychologist Olivia Sotiris is drawn to Robby MacKay, who, unbeknownst to her, is a vampire bent on revenge against the Malcontent clan who once held him captive, and who is her best chance of survival when a case from back home tracks her down. To save humanity from the Goddess of War, Leo Warrior Brody Talbot must protect the ancient Stones of Egypt and convince wary museum curator Ava Harrison, who, after her father's murder, has continued his research of Egypt's ancient treasures, to help him.

The Marquis of Chase - a man who, shunned by the ton, leads a life of wanton pleasure and is never received in respectable houses - sets his sights on Juliana Merton, an upstanding shopkeeper who has a mysterious past, much to society's surprise. When the Bureau of American Defense intercepts an anonymous tip identifying a threatening secret organization, female agent Victoria comes out of hiding to flush out the informant, a situation that turns deadly when her identity is exposed.

Michelle Jordan is the Hot Zone Sports Agency's tomboyish PR exec who's as much at home on the playing field as in a locker room full of naked guys. The Veronica Scott books are futuristic with many set on space ships, but then some are also set on less developed planets so a few read almost like historicals. Am I the only one who wonders if the changelings ever have sex in animal form, and if so, if the ones who mate outside their species feel shortchanged?

Caroline, we have almost exactly the same favorites in this series, except that I would rate Kiss of Snow higher and Shards of Hope a bit lower. That said, while I loved Hawke and Sienna in Kiss of Snow, their interactions in the follow-up book made me rethink this couple. Both are well worth reading. I think this happened in Tangle of Need. I actually liked that detail in follow-up stories, because it gives more depth to the ongoing relationship than the blissfully-ever-after epilogues. I stumbled on to Heart of Obsidian and the hero sounded like my jam so I picked it up not immediately realizing it was a long running series.

I loathed Mine to Possess because the horrible heroine made me stabby.

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The overarching plot made every book a must read for me though. I read the first two in her Archangel series and have the rest languishing in my TBR. I read the first three in her contemporary rock star series and found them mostly forgettable. View Larger Image. Share This Story! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. I tend to only glom when rereading nowadays. I will look into if. Have you read Linnea Sinclair?

Check out more available Francine Rivers Titles here! The percentage can range depending on the face or number of hearts you have with a character.

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For example: You have a yellow smiley face with Lila and a tough choice appears. If you choose the tough choice with Lila, she will most likely give you a positive response because of how high her percentage is. If you want to try to get positive responses, try to appeal to the character! The recommended method to maintain good relationships is to agree with characters that start off with bad relationships and relay responses with characters that start off with better relationships.

An example of a character that is easy to befriend is Grace and an example of a character that is harder to befriend is Craig. If you had to choose a response between either of them, go with Craig. Grace is easy to maintain a good relationship with and you will have plenty of opportunities to regain relationship points with her. If you pursued one of them in the previous book, you will have the opportunity to start dating them!

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You will come to a choice later that will allow you to begin dating them. If you agree to date one of them, the face before their name will change to three hearts. The hearts have six stages and the more relationship points you gain with them, the more the hearts will fill in. When you choose to date them, you will start with half of one heart. You will also have the opportunity to date all of them at once, but you will have to choose one of them in the end. You need to talk to all of them to proceed. There are no choices associated with Path B and D. You will be introduced to your first Tough Choice: these choices will either raise or decrease relationships points depending on how high your relationship is with someone.

If you want to try for a positive response, you can start the chapter over and try for a better reaction as many times as you want. You will unlock the Closet, allowing you to change your character's outfit. Some outfits will unlock special scenes or boost relationships with the Endless Summer crew, be sure to buy at least a few outfits if you want to get some relationship points or exclusive scenes! If you didn't import your save, you'll have to buy the Thrillseeker outfit again.

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If you did import your save where you bought the Thrillseeker outfit already, it'll show up in your closet twice, one of the non-diamond outfit and the other purchased Thrillseeker together in the "Unique" category. You will be introduced to having the choice dating the love interests in all of these paths. You must be at least friends with one of them to start dating them. If you do not want to pay diamonds to immediately bring your relationship with them up, you can gain more relationship points, and ask to date them if you pay for a diamond scene later.

This is the only chance to start dating them for free. If you are replaying the book, be sure the outfit you select is one of the above and not one that is added later in the book: those will not trigger the relationship bonus.

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You will discover your first clue! Clues unlock special bonus scenes at the end of an Act. They also unlock other choices at times and can even aid you later in the game. Make sure to collect them all! You will receive the Hydra Caduceus clue. You will discover your first Catalyst Idol! Idols unlock special scenes about certain characters connected to the Idols. Finding all twelve may be key to your friends' fate. You will receive Michelle's Idol. You will receive a vision of the past revealing that Michelle cheating on Sean that caused them to break-up was a lie told by Michelle's sorority sisters.

You will then receive another vision, revealing Michelle leaving the island against Jake, Quinn and Zahra's protests due to the deaths of Aleister and Craig, leading to her possible death from the Sea Monster. You will be introduced to a new element of the story, time loops.

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This element will cause you to indefinitely repeat a set number of choices until you locate the source of the time loop and destroy it, allowing you to escape. Words that are highlighted give clues on how the solve the time loop. Write them down if you are having trouble keeping track! Path A: You will notice that Aleister's bag is empty, this will come in handy when you figure out how to escape the time loop.

If you let Zahra fall in the water, she will tell you she saw something at the bottom of the river.

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  7. You will need someone to swim down and get it. It is recommended to re-enter the time loop to ask Rourke all of the questions, but if you don't want to, it's okay as it will not affect the story.

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    The first time, you will skip Choice 3 and get Choice 4 immediately. In every following loop, you will get them in the order as indicated. Time loop diamond choices can be revisited when you start over in the loop, the relationship points you will get and clues you will get will stay with you, so you don't have to go back and redo choices to get clues. It is recommended to choose either of these choices, or both, to gain a ton of relationship points with Jake and Estela.

    If you took a break, you will notice the pillar falls over and crushes Aleister's backpack. This could be useful for breaking the time loop object.

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    Path B: Sean will reveal that he is a good swimmer. If you knocked Zahra over in the beginning of the time loop, you will then ask Sean to swim down and recover a stone. This is the item that is causing the time loop. Now you have to find a way to destroy it. If you still haven't figured out how to destroy the time loop item, the answer below is provided:.

    You will be sent back in time by the time loop to repeat the choices starting after you discover the time loop. In order to locate and destroy the source of the time loop you must walk with Zahra, allow her to fall in the river where she will see something glowing, talk to Sean where he will comment about being a strong swimmer allowing you to ask him to retrieve the glowing object, revealed to be a crystal. You will be sent back again but with the crystal in hand.

    Walk with Aleister to ask him to hold the crystal in his bag, talk to Craig and choose to take a rest, causing the pillar to fall on Aleister's bag and destroy the crystal, breaking the time loop and allowing you to continue the story. Any changes to your relationships with Jake and Estela will be saved and carried over no matter how many times you go through the time loop.